Insect Taxidermy

In this video I demonstrate some techniques for preparing large insects for preservation and display.
October 2015

20 Responses to Insect Taxidermy

  1. Sofiya Malkinova

    Hey! This video is amazing. It is 2:43am here in New Zealand and I have school soon!!!!

  2. Teasley Marie

    this was so cool omg

  3. Angela Collier

    what if you applied a green dye to the acetone soak? Maybe it will seep into the exoskeleton?…. to mimic the color.

  4. Alice Izzard

    Such an amazing thing you do with these insects. You have really interesting content, makes me want to give insect mounting/taxidermy a go even more.

  5. tinglesrosyrupeeland

    I was so mesmerized watching you disembowel this thing

  6. I like to draw person

    WOW!For me when it comes to watching specimen videos,i strictly watch your vids.

  7. Butts McGee

    your videos helped me a lot with cleaning up and preserving a dead beetle I found, thank you for making them!

  8. Night Angel

    Man, I didn't know insects had guts like that. In my head it was always just some crunchy shell that magically moved. And the blood (I assume) is even red.

  9. Narksen

    Randomly found your insect taxidermy videos, got curious and watched one…then two…then three, and four, and now I've watched all of them. I might be addicted, and I'm not even really interested in bugs as far as spotting one and getting as far away from it as possible. Very nice.


    Did you finish the Post Mortem by filling in the cause of death to send to this insect's family?

  11. daniel torres

    Hello, I wanted to ask what the procedure would be for a "Mantis religiosa" ?

    excellent videos

  12. Sarah

    Hello! I really enjoy your insect taxidermy videos. I have a small bug collection but it is composed of all aquatic bugs. I'd like to try prepping and mounting insects sometime. What are some easier kinds of specimens you would recommend for a beginner to prepare?

  13. Franken Stein

    Do you have the animal's identification? I found one that was very similar (even the size) these days.

  14. Braden Vincent

    Best video on youtube

  15. Agent Bill Wilson

    is that the blood that's red or just miscellaneous gut juice?

  16. Miguel Diaz

    Could you please show us how you mounted the giant scolopendria? I have these in my back yard and I always wanted to capture one but they do bite so I chose not to do this since I am terrified of these.

  17. Johnny Bravo

    7:28 was that a tie fighter?

  18. William Widegren

    So the acetone is partly for hardening but mainly for sterilizing correct? It's still too bad that the colour bleaches a bit.

    I've used borax to preserve falcon feet sucessfully and have been experimenting on how to use it on larger insects, wanting to preserve the colours.

    I've tried with katydids and large tropical beetles, hoping that simply puncturing the body and covering them in borax powder would work to dehydrate them completly, but alas they rotted (and attracted some pests). Maybe if I were to open them up and fill them?

    Love your videos, hope to see more!

  19. Federico Gómez Pezuela

    Wonderful technique. That grass is so perfect! Wish I could find something similar around here in the Caribbean, haven´t seen it yet. All the vids from the bug preparation list are very interesting. Congratulations!

  20. Archangel Ravin

    it kinda looks like its still alive a little bit.

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