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Insane Insect Collection! Watch this week as the host of 5 Weird Animal Facts, Jason Miller, shows off his insane collection of insects. Not only will you have the chance to see some of the coolest insects in this special edition of 5 Weird Animal Facts, but you will see some of Jason’s other creatures. You will meet his African Bullfrog or Pixie Frog, Fire-bellied toads, rough green snakes and vine snake. Jason will show you how to set up an enclosure for certain of his insane insects. Learn facts and see a close up of a Praying Mantis, the Larva of an Eastern Hercules Beetle, the largest species of centipede and cockroach, Six Eyed Sand Spider and a colony of Vietnamese Stick Insects. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about the insane insects you saw on the show! Thanks for watching 5 Weird Animal Facts and join us next Monday for an all new episode!

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20 Responses to Insane Insect Collection! 5 Weird Animal Facts! Ep. 35 : AnimalBytesTV

  1. Michelle Yung

    Giant beetle grubs are so cool!

  2. Eoghan Gorrell

    That grub made me laugh so much

  3. Wade Penley

    the mantise tail wagging as you called it is a sign that he or she feels threatened

  4. kingX777

    So when he’s not in the guardians of the galaxy he collecting insects …cool.

  5. Sam Robson

    dude you are such a legend

  6. Cory Harris

    7:50 what’s going on with his thumb?

  7. Joshua Lowery

    Thanks for the video, I used to be an avid collector but sadly just don't have the time anymore. Watching this made me think about my own younger self.

  8. Robert Michael Sears

    not many people might care about what this lonley autistic teen has to say about frogs. But i just thought i should say that i this video really helped me through a some emotional bad gas recently. My parents divorce is being finilized in the next room and i knew exactlly what would help me cope. Thanks AnimalsBytes. Thanks Obama. Thanks small frog featured in video.

  9. BlackEquinox

    You obviously have no fucking clue what you're doing with that Rhino larvae. You killed it didn't you. They are fragile and should not be handled.

  10. Ricardo Rodriguez

    I've cought rough green snakes in southern Illinois


    I love praying mantids


    I also have fire belly toads


    I rescued a tree frog from a pan of oil about 2 months ago

  14. April Leveque

    The sand spider is so cuuute

  15. CoolCroc

    What happend to his thumb at 7.49

  16. Luna Flare

    No one commented about the pixie frog lol

  17. Kekkley

    P R O J E C T I L E S H I T

  18. Miko Le

    Say hello to my cockarouch his name is crackers

  19. Hailey meh

    I don't know why you're single either, who doesn't want a nerdy youtuber that plays with bugs

  20. Cory Harris

    7:50 is Jason double jointed?

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