Infinite Energy Generator

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  1. siimbs

    Shouldn't the right way be bread on the stomache butter down? The cat never lands on it's back, bread never butter-side down.. if the cat always lands on it's feet, it will do that and the bread will be on the cat's back forever, not have hit the ground.

  2. Luci Chan

    Why does he have green nailpolish?

  3. Commander Shepard

    Troll physics at it's finest.

  4. Wade

    I tried this at home. Results were different.
    For start, the cat scratched my face and was not fond of the duct tape.
    Second, after I threw him at the window, for scratching my face, he did die landing on his back and also the toast fell of his back with butter facing up.
    My conclusion.
    I need to try this again with a dog and a toast with jelly.

  5. Adolf Shrekler

    Pussy slayer

  6. Kyle LeClaire

    This is a blatant rip off of a wonderful animated short film!

  7. The_Creepings

    what happens if you spread the butter on the cat's back?

  8. Gra Gor

    Now that's the power of a CAT generator for you.

  9. FreeQboy

    Yo this can't work… the way it's done the cat/buttered toast will definitely fall on the ground, on the cat's feet or on the buttered side of the toast. To make it work you must have the cat's feet stuck to the buttered side of the toast, since the cat won't ever fall on its back and the toast won't fall on it's unbuttered side 😉

  10. Zenco Baba

    yeah science!

  11. Javier Merinero

    Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!

  12. David Carreon

    vengo después de Facebook:v

  13. Wade Stubblefield

    This is still hilarious! I love the look on his face as the toast-cat starts to rev up 😀

  14. ruediix

    Energy drink add, of course.

    Surprised it wasn't red bull.

  15. ChewyChicken

    True story bro!

  16. Nick Cross

    I didn't know that's how it worked…

  17. Sheeplie

    Imgur sent me here.

  18. Sarah The LPS

    aww poor cat

  19. _ Naozumi

    Umm man i laughesd so hrd on this

  20. Angel Ensefalon


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