Immortalized Clip – Meet Takeshi Yamada

Watch this new clip from 21 and Over

Professional “immortalizer” Takeshi Yamada unveils the world of “rogue taxidermy,” freak monsters and embalmed pet bunnies in a clip from AMC’s unscripted competition series Immortalized, premiering on February 14.

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20 Responses to Immortalized Clip – Meet Takeshi Yamada

  1. Krayon Young

    Who's here from the sea rabbit

  2. MalteserCookie

    am i this late?

  3. TheScotchaholic

    Brooklyn, NY BABY!!!

    You do NY proud Mr. Yamada!!!

  4. Alice Cottingham

    awesome and amazing artist! I can hardly wait to see the second season of Immortalized!

  5. Lisa N. Lisa

    I saw him and his se rabbit at Coney Island Bech last week. We took pictures of us,too. He was a very funy guy. I love his sea rabbit.

  6. Beth Blackwell

    very unusual interesting artworks.

  7. Lisa fox

    i can hardly wait to see the season 2 Immortalized

  8. akaihana18

    I want to see Takeshi on the Saturday Night Live! SHAZAM!!!

  9. akaihana18

    10,028 views! Congraturations to Dr. Takeshi Yamada for his big victory for the Immortalized episode 8, season final competition! Also congraturation to him for winning the highest score 86 points AND the second highest score 85 points for the season 1. Takeshi is the man! truly awesome!

  10. Lisa N. Lisa

    Dr. Yamada is the most creative artist among all the immortalizers and challengers in this TV show, despite the fact he strongly claims he refused to be called "creative". He must have a very different and strange ideas about "creativity" than us. Many Immortalizers and Challengers talked about "inside of the box" and "out side of the box" but it seems he even does not biother to think about it at all. He is great and a little bit crazy.

  11. Lisa fox

    Conguraturations to Dr. Yamada! excellent five-headed beast taxidermy! Shazam!

  12. akaihana18

    his sea rabbit was on the episode 3! great! his five head beast was awesome, too! congraturations to Dr. takeshi!

  13. 251trioxin

    Is this the same guy on the teriyaki sauce jugs at Costco?

  14. TheMytoya

    Hey now, I was only making statement. I have some friends that are gay and we know that it is a joke when someone says no homo. I'm sorry people take it offensively. Not trying to defend in any way, just trying to find an answer from your perspective and then giving statements. I know reality of life. Cheers friend.

  15. Shiimochi

    …..japanese? definitely

  16. TheMytoya

    He isn't calling anyone homo. He said "I love you but not in a homosexual way" He isn't trying to discriminate anyone. You are taking this te wrong way.

  17. TheMytoya

    It's a typical joke. You don't have to get all offensive. I respect that you are homo.

  18. Marcus Marcus

    This guy is pretty awesome 😀 why don't they hire this guy to design some monsters for movies? 😛

  19. Schneidend

    He says it right in the video. Prove him wrong.

  20. magico3693

    the skulles are from Risitance:fall of man

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