I waited 4+ years for this: the World Taxidermy Championships!

I’m already super spoiled with great habitat dioramas and taxidermy at The Field Museum, but I had to jump at the chance to attend the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships to experience the latest innovations in taxidermy wildlife art for myself. 10/10 would attend again

The opening monologue in this video is a direct quote from the World Taxidermy Championships competition page: https://www.taxidermy.net/wtc/taxidermy/

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Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Camera:
Brandon Brungard

Producer, Editor, Camera:
Sheheryar Ahsan

This episode is supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

And filmed on location at the World Taxidermy Championships in Peoria, Illinois.


20 Responses to I waited 4+ years for this: the World Taxidermy Championships!

  1. Amytheanimallover_yt

    Dat silly cat is a lynx well I have met a cat dat does the same action like da cat in dis video and the cat I met I call it the fat cat aka Snuggles usually when it grooms most of the time it grooms in the part the lynx in dis video did

  2. Factotum Taylor

    Emily, I just found your channel. I love your positive attitude and desire to learn and teach. Thanks for all your work. Your sense of humor is priceless.

  3. Dennis Rader

    Emily is the coolest

  4. Justin Van Liew

    Clay courts of Wimbledon?

  5. Silently Me

    OMG. I find taxidermy so awesome, not something I’d do myself but I love the beauty of each animal and how it’s frozen in time and especially admiring every strand of fur and muscle structures, it’s so gorgeous such a wonderful piece of not only art but piece of time.

  6. Hugo Stiglitz

    Wouldn’t mind stuffing her.


    How do taxidermists prepare fish so they keep the scales?

  8. John Rambo

    6:58 L'il Sebastian! I wonder what Ron Swanson had done with his body.

  9. John Rambo

    Shrinkage..I know what you mean lady

  10. spicylemons

    How do they even judge this woah.

  11. Eduardo Roldan

    She thick asf

  12. Jasmine Palmer

    Why can’t we let the wildlife be where they belong rather than on walls or in houses

  13. FluffyPlantMeme♥

    this was so lovely to watch

  14. Scott Smith

    Needs more Googly eyes.

  15. Disturbia

    That girls is sooo cringy

  16. TheWolf

    Haha… I was sooo excited for the championships and I told all my classmates about it…. they thought I was so strange haha

  17. wonderwend1

    SOOOO wonderful to see someone so enthusiastic presenting this. Totally adds to the joy of seeing it all

  18. richa16x

    Do they also have a fictional animal recreation?
    Would love to see life like unicorns, griffin's or wolf Link! <3

  19. ashlieghspetshops

    As an equestrian I hope those horses and ponies weren’t killed for this. But most likely not

  20. mamutepeq


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