I PRESERVED my DEAD Pet GECKOS? | Preparing Lizards as Wet Specimens

Well over a year ago, I bought three Texas banded geckos from a fellow reptile enthusiast who was moving away. Unfortunately, two of them passed away within a few days of my purchase. Rather than flushing or burying them, I decided to give them a new purpose, and began the process of preserving them as wet specimens, using formalin and ethyl alcohol. Join me in this video as I go through the step-by-step process and give new life to two dead lizards!

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18 Responses to I PRESERVED my DEAD Pet GECKOS? | Preparing Lizards as Wet Specimens

  1. Guthrie Fullagar

    i would just get 10% alcohol and a syringe, then i would put the alcohol into there skin. and then fill up a glass with alcohol and stick them in

  2. Alex Po

    dear afroherpkeeper,

    do you like doggos

  3. douglas whi

    Think Smirnoff would do same thing?

  4. Colt Denny

    This video was very well done, great job. I was hoping you could help me with something though.
    I found a wet specimen baby shark at a antique store. It's really neat and it looks really old. Some of the fluid is brownish and there's another fluid in small amounts that looks like blood that maybe excreted after being set in the solution. I was hoping to transfer the shark to a new container with fresh fluids. Could you describe the process I could follow to do this? Or is it even sensible?

  5. Juan Roche

    You should get dreadlocks

  6. Orphus Abadon

    Love this, great information for those wanting to preserve their beloved animals after death.

  7. Little Loser Channel

    I have 4 of those Texas bandit geckos

  8. Gordy Ha

    will this work for amphibians?

  9. TwentyøneVeilswithsirens

    I thought he was going to kill his healthy gecko

  10. Paylos Tsigkas

    I recommend a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to regulate formalin, And initially placement in 35% ethanol for a few days before 75%

  11. Skyy Jaai

    am i the only one that thought he was going to preserve the alive gecko !!i slowly started to grow angry.

  12. SO Gaming.

    how sad…
    but its good for scientist in the future nature is just like this…

  13. Austin Gardner

    Where did you buy you formalin? Im probably thinking of something else, but my biology teacher said formaldehyde causes cancer and its harder to get now.

  14. Carson Jones

    Bruh you weird af

  15. Moa C. Andersson

    use protection

  16. Mayy Heyy

    This is horrible

  17. lol101 triggered

    stupid question but could this be done with fish?

  18. Dana F

    is formaldehyde readily available or did you prepare this in a lab?

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