I Made A New (Temporary) Friend! Meet Squirmsy The Perpetual Motion Kitten!

I was headed into Ollie’s for some cheap snacks when I head the clinking of metal against cuteness and looked up to see this sweetie happily running toward me. I knew Ollie’s would have to wait! I absolutely love pets that will run up to me just to share some love, not because they want food.

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5 Responses to I Made A New (Temporary) Friend! Meet Squirmsy The Perpetual Motion Kitten!

  1. KnickKnack07

    I wish I still played volleyball at that YMCA that she was right behind. I'd look for this cutie cat every time I played! She was such a bundle of energy!

    This is the second friendly kitty cat I have encountered in the exact same spot in 4 years. See the video in the End Screen for the other one. That one was also a big bundle of energy.

  2. debbie boring

    Squirmsy is a very cute kitten. I wish it was a reflective collar.

  3. KnickKnack07

    I just noticed how beautiful her markings are on the back of her head and down her neck. If this cat and Orko had kittens, they would be some fine looking tabbies!

    Squirmsy also has the beautiful tummy spots.

  4. you build it we destroy it

    She is a very happy kitty. Never stopping. I bet she would love a catnip sock and a box.

  5. sherri ross

    What a cute and friendly kitty, she didn't look very old. I'm sure someone is desperately looking for her since she had a collar and tag.

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