I Cloned My Dead Dog

Whats next? Cloning a bunch of dinosaurs?! LOL

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19 Responses to I Cloned My Dead Dog

  1. Prashant Pal

    waste of money but feelings ws nt funny.

  2. Vortex Shadow

    "Daughter you are adopted.

    because you were cloned!"

  3. Fin Siry

    So we found out how to live forever a geuss

  4. MADMAX hazard

    This sounds like a sci-fi movie

  5. Ivon Baycheva


  6. THE LEGEND 27

    For 100 000$..HELL NO

  7. Julia Wong

    I would love to clone my dog because I don’t what him to leave

  8. Sanjukta Pal

    Noo I will adopt another dog who needs a forever home and a loving family…every dog should get a chance…not at all into this idea…no no no

  9. Angel Salditos

    It’s bad to clone because it wouldn’t be the same. It’s kinda like respecting their death and how they are at peace in heaven. If you clone them it’s a sign of disrespect like you don’t want them at peace. You should respect them passing and know that their going to doggy heaven.

  10. Riley Trovillion

    No I wouldn’t clone my pet wtf. That’s just weird and creepy

  11. Bingo 333

    I don't believe in cloneing its unnatural you'll never have your dog back you'll only have a dog that's only purpose in life is to be someone else in that light I think they know that so its like the ultimate defeat

  12. M.nalatgn Fnaf

    I don't think you can clone dinosaurs since there isn't information and you would need a live one right?

  13. Nixon LoL Official

    they know how to clone a dog if they can clone a human this is so so expensive

  14. Donovan Campbell

    I loved my old dog who passed away in 2015, but I wouldn't pay $100,000 to have a copy of him. This is nature, this is how it works. I now have a dog that we got in 2009, and a dog we got last Christmas, and I love them as much as my deceased dog. Our dogs will eventually pass on, and we need to mourn and move on with them in our hearts.

  15. Pooh bear

    Soo.. Your dog practicly never died if you cloned the other one…. Right?

  16. Nevaeh Nguyen

    Yes I cried watching

  17. Rebecca Quintana

    If only I had known

  18. Ziyanda Mnisi

    I believe cloning pets is wrong because you're basically playing God. Humans should not be able to create life like this

  19. Tessa T

    I would clone my pet

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