Hutch’s taxidermy

One of the World Class taxidermy sponsors of “The Future of Hunting” television show and video series. Master and Champion wildlife Artist Bob Hutchinson has the skills and the award winning hands to make your next trophy into the memory of a lifetime, that will last a lifetime. I personally try to support the businesses that support our sport, so remember that the next time you’re looking for a quality taxidermist and give Hutch a call.

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    @WeaverTy1 Thanks Ty – he really does some awesome stuff – one of the best in the World and very influential in the taxidermy industry. I am very proud to have Hutch on my taxidermy team, he also is a great guy with a BIG heart; he donates work for my youth hunting conservation program! I'm sure if you give him a call, he can give you some tips and maybe point you to a good school. Thanks for watching.

  2. Craig Wiltshire

    nice lookin work

  3. bigd5000100

    @VTHunter4Hunters its better than any advertizment on tv or the internet and if i ever get the trophy buck i want ill send it down

  4. LoneStarCreekRanch

    Awesome Kevin…I can tell that this is quality work for sure!! I have 19 Shoulder Mounts in my home and a variety of other works by Taxidermist and this guy's work looks good for sure!! I'm addicted to reverence for the animal, so I mount all that I can!! Good video right there!!


    @bigd5000100 I don't like advertisments either, but these guys earned it!. I give away between 40 – 60 youth hunting adventures every year and it's the guides, outfitters and taxidermists who make it all possible. Not to mention the work that this one does… did you see the mounts – awesome for sure.

  6. bigd5000100

    i dont like advertisments but good 1

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