Human-Looking Faces on Animal Bodies: Taxidermy as Art | National Geographic

Brooklyn-based artist Kate Clark uses clay to sculpt human faces onto traditional taxidermy forms, covering the human features with the animal’s skin. She hopes her creations will help people reconnect with the animal kingdom and realize humans and animals are not as different as we think.
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PRODUCER: Kathryn Carlson

Human-Looking Faces on Animal Bodies: Taxidermy as Art | National Geographic

National Geographic

18 Responses to Human-Looking Faces on Animal Bodies: Taxidermy as Art | National Geographic

  1. Usagi the other Sylveon

    0:26 it's the forest spirit from princess mononoke

  2. Chiara King

    Creepy but cool o.o

  3. Grunge Lord

    These things exist. Not necessarily looking like this but around the reserve near here (Kahnawake) there’s lots of sightings of ‘animals’ that are believed to be shapeshifters, dogs with human faces, pigs with human faces and cows are most common things to see like this. Lots of weird things go around here.

  4. Blissful Sparrow

    I love this it's quite dark but in such a beautiful yet it is in the uncanny valley in a way. I love it but it's very creepy

  5. Savannah Davis

    oh i hate this i hate this so much taxidermy is my biggest fear

  6. Alice Li

    umm… full metal alchemist? murderous dad? dog-daughter?

  7. Pedro Fonseca

    this is creepy af

  8. wlkozn

    Reminds me of the game "The Endless Forest"

  9. MulcheArcade

    in a weird way this make the animals feel more like individuals with their own identity than if they were stuffed the regular way.

  10. Carlos Gonzalez

    Some say she uses real human head

  11. aroomofmyown

    Hannibal irl tbh

  12. S.K.Y MagicStar


  13. Scalchop 101

    This is probably one of the most morbid art forms I have ever seen and the music in the background doesn't help at all. And at 1:25 as if anyone or anything is going to enjoy that monstrosity.

  14. CarolOfTheBells Cosplay

    This is sick……

  15. SugaKookie

    That is honestly so beautiful it's unbelievable

  16. Lou Kris

    this is terrifying and i want one for my room


    But through what way does she obtain the skin? Does she purposely assign people to kill the animal for this purpose or…? If she kills animals to make art, it defeats the purpose of making such beautiful work

  18. Smol Meme

    I wanna do taxidermy and once i saw this i was spooked but amazed

    i cant explain my feelings about this i love it but at the same time it scares me a bit

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