How to Wet Preserve Small Animals

I’m sorry this was uploaded late! It took me a bit longer to make than usual but I hope it’s informative to you. 🙂


20 Responses to How to Wet Preserve Small Animals

  1. Yaari Yusagi

    Omg yes reject shop jar for the mouse, I have the same one with my pygmy dragon in it

  2. Infinity Koi

    Heyy Heyy 😀 DO you have a bat?
    I accidentally killed a bat and I'm planning to preserve it
    Do you have any tips for posing?

  3. Shay Schwartz

    i apologize if someone's already asked this, but will this work with insects?

  4. Lloyd Nix

    What's the point of buying a specimen?

  5. sam nothin

    soo… how bout a human? about 200 lb
    (asking for a friend)

  6. Kim Keem

    I love your collections and your voice ♡

  7. Speckles The corgi

    I have a standard poodle stillborn puppy preserved as a wet specimen I did myself

  8. Gaby Munoz

    Hello I would love to know about like what's it like if you would put a partial decomposing animal but it was decomposing by the elements and it was stiff. How would I preserve that?

  9. A

    fill the jar half way before u put it in and legs n stuff wont break off as often

  10. KitKatkitty

    I live on a farm and whenever I find a dead animal I like to preserve it 🙂

  11. Dat Boi

    If your interested in science I recommend keeping it frozen right after it dies in rubbing alcohol then the DNA won't get destroyed

  12. anderson bridgelal

    nice collection I have a few snakes and centipedes

  13. Anecia Aster

    I wanted to collect animals like that but all I have is a preserved brown bat

  14. Russell steele

    do you kill any of the animals

  15. Stacey Luba

    never mind I just read the last part about changing the liquid!

  16. Stacey Luba

    nice collection! do you ever have to change the fluid? I found a shrew that I need to find something to do with and this seems perfect.

  17. The OZ Collector

    Idk if I like it or not

  18. Dubzzy XD

    I didnt know you can use alcohol. I used salt and vinigar and it works great. down side it stinks and also the salt goes up the jar.

  19. Sahand Naghavi

    Quite interesting. I picked up a preserved pig fetus at this weird shop and was wondering how someone would do it themselves. Great tutorial, now for finding a relatively clean dead animal…

  20. xjonnyb03

    formalin and formaldehyde are 2 different things formalin is formaldehyde is a gas and formalin is formaldehyde gas mixed with water as far as I know you can't preserve things in just formaldehyde

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