How to Taxidermy a Squirrel

Wherein Emily and Anna learn taxidermy from Katie Innamorato, founder of AfterlifeAnatomy! There are a number of significant differences between the art of taxidermy and the preparation of animal specimens for research. Join us as we gut it… together!

P.S. We are launching a super-secret project April 6th – stay tuned!

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Producer, Writer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Editor, Camera:
Tom McNamara

Special thanks to Greg Mercer for additional camera and audio help!

Theme music:
Michael Aranda

Created By:
Hank Green

Production Assistant:
Katie Kirby

Filmed on Location and Supported by:
The Field Museum in Chicago, IL

English captioning provided by Martina S.! High-five, Martina!

19 Responses to How to Taxidermy a Squirrel

  1. Lily Brine

    So it epoxy or clay?

  2. Gloria Barriga

    What able the removal of the skin from head

  3. Ashmeed Mohammed

    goldman is hott!!!

  4. Maria Sauciuc

    Giggles, giggles, giggles.

  5. Blaxer

    shouldn't they be wearing latex gloves or something?

  6. Filipi Oliveira

    Bob's Burguers brought me here

  7. Tawsif Elahi Chowdhury

    Isn’t there a horrible stench? Did they remove it somehow or just get used to it?

  8. Babs & the wrecking crew

    You couldn't have trapped some squirrels?? Really?

  9. Michael Skinner

    I feel like this sometimes:-/

  10. mutube15

    I like these gurllzz!

  11. Waniya Badar

    I came here after watching bates motel xD

  12. Daniel Gable

    I do love how they just handled the squirrels so casually

  13. Mark DeVito

    Great video, I remembered how my Dad taught me how to remove skins & tan skins and then everything I wanted to know on how to Taxidermy a squirrel. Thank you very much. Mark


    I could have hooked these lovely ladies up with 3 fresh ones.

  15. Protechtnical

    Giving something dead a second chance.

  16. Uncle Ben

    Just watching bates motel series on netflix and got curious

  17. Autumn

    I really liked seeing Emily and Anna doing this! It's so different from what they usually do…

  18. M_1_A_1 thousand mile

    Peta S H O O C K

  19. apostle333

    I don't know your names, but polka-dot dress woman, looks so much like J-law. I'm not sure I'm able to attempt this as I feed my local squirrels, but I"ll try not to think of them as a pet.

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