How to support your horse when they are scared.

Horses have self preservation to keep them alive. When we work with horses we ask them to give up their self preservation and trust us that we will keep them safe. The first thing to be supportive of the horses is to establish the ability to direct the horses feet. This starts with teaching the horses about your space bubble on the ground.

14 Responses to How to support your horse when they are scared.

  1. Vilma Arce

    You can always work with the horse first, film it, and when you are ready to edit the video you can add your coments and what you want to accomplish.

  2. foxgarrison1

    How about filming yourself doing the task and then add instructional audio over it later.

  3. Vilma Arce

    He is gorgeous!

  4. Dawn austin

    Respecting a handlers space is so important for everyone’s safety.
    Wonderful video.

  5. avalon8852

    I think you did a great job.  It is a hard thing to explain to anyone who doesn't recognize a horses body cues.

  6. Exclusive Dressage Imports

    Where is you camera crew?

  7. shannon32693

    i thought it went well. teaching people to learn the horses vocabulary, like what drives them survival. and what support looks like, many people would interput the reactions and distrust of a 3 yr old, in human terms. and become frustrated, or angry. you are showing them what else to think, to keep calm, which shows the horse they can trust you.

  8. Veteran pony gal

    I've just recently discovered your chanel and am enjoying your videos. I understand what you mean about being present, you need to be able to deal with things as they arise. Would filming a groundwork session and then doing a voice over on it to explain more help? Personally I enjoyed your video as it is. 🙂

  9. bel pet

    It's so interesting because he was moving exactly like my German shepherd when he's nervous about something.

  10. JoElyn Newcomb

    Joseph. I like that it is REAL. I just finished walking my horse up and down the hill. He was so better behaved and finally respecting my space despite my four dogs running around. Good reminders.

  11. Lee Alexander

    He's gorgeous in spite of all that annoying white all over his face and legs. Bold markings are so distracting.

  12. mheinrichs44

    Have you looked into the Soloshot camera? I love mine! Great videos!

  13. falizianme

    Great video! I love baby training since I don't know anything about it! And D'artagnan is gorgeous! But I love my Finch!

  14. bocolewish

    It made sense.

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