How to skin your deer for taxidermy shoulder mount by Fox-Fire Taxidermy

Directed by Tom Honeycutt

Demonstration on skinning a deer for a taxidermy shoulder mount.

12 Responses to How to skin your deer for taxidermy shoulder mount by Fox-Fire Taxidermy

  1. Pavel

    great video, horrible knife lol but ill definitely refer to this when needed

  2. Tom Brannon

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  3. AmazonShroom

    I usually just threw my hide out recently friend of mine says taxidermy buys them so now I have a 205"muley buck skin out but it was sittn in a pool of water fr over week now is it to late fr a taxidermy to use the cape it been cold here water been frozen and not spoiled yet??

  4. Alan Meijer

    Beautiful animal. His hide is even colored and very smooth. A regional thing, maybe?
     Not something I normally pay attention to,but it's noticeable in this video. 

  5. Lammas

    Great video.

  6. Tylerc Ceaser

    Thanks for uploading this, very helpful!!

  7. MrGoosePit

    I found this video very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share your know-how. I really appreciate it!

  8. Michael Smith

    This guy need a havalon! That blade sucks!

  9. liv4daoutdoors

    how long would i be able to keep my deer in the freezer skinning it this way before i had to get it to the taxidrmist

  10. Stephen ross

    Good video but in my opinion you should sharpen that knife or use a better one in general

  11. Austin Kersey

    that if I just take the whole skin to him. I know a method to get the whole skin off thats way faster than this, but it takes the whole skin, from tail to neck. Also,what is a rough estimate of the price of a shoulder mount. I am 14 and plan on taking my first deer this season. Thanks

  12. hunterknapp16

    Take it off cleanly?? It is his job to flesh it. I know, having done taxidermy for almost 10yrs, that it is nice if people bring you "clean" capes, but I have also noticed that the more flesh and fat that people try to get off the more holes you end up with to sew up. I would rather take the extra 5 or 10 minutes of fleshing then the potential 1/2hr or more patching. Overall nice vid. I wish I would have went more indepth showing neck skinning on mine.

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