How to…Skeletonize a Rat

A quick how-to on cleaning and assembling a found skeleton!

15 Responses to How to…Skeletonize a Rat

  1. Brandy Workman

    I was looking for this exactly for when my rat dies. I didn't know it would be so easy to find. Lol.

  2. disability

    Thank you so much for this resource. My favorite rat died while I was unable to go to my house for a month and they put her outside after she died to decompose. I would love to keep her forever.

  3. Alejandro Gonzales

    Anyone else felt like a crush on her? Hahaha

  4. stephen anderson

    i assembled five skeletons two cats, a fox, a parakeet and a pigeon

  5. Skelymonster

    my pet rat died 2 years ago and i undug him but he diddnt rot at all. he looked exactly the same as when i buried him. so i left him in the yard for a couple weeks in a plastic box with holes in the side and its been super rainy but he still isnt being eaten by anything or decaying and i really want his bones

  6. yellowhelix

    A rat died in the middle of my back yard, right on a convenient thick pile of dead grass. It melted away with the help of ants etc, rain, heat, sun, and more sun, for weeks, and now it's a perfect skeleton. There is still skin on the hands and feet, and it still has its whiskers. Is there a way I can preserve it as is, whiskers included? 

  7. Josh

    I felt kinda like i was watching a childrens program lol

  8. triciakitty

    I have a pet mouse who is getting really old. She's been losing weight and her fur is looking shabby. I know she's probably gonna die soon. I am trying to find the best way to clean her bones when the time comes. I'm sure her ones are way more delicate than rat bones. Is Hydrogen peroxide still ok for the more delicate bones? I've read that leaving them in peroxide for too long can damage them. Any advice?

  9. Gothix Model

    Geesh! If only I new this before! I would of preserved my little gus! 🙁

  10. FlugCa

    hmm…there you go, i didn't know about it. is it yours?

  11. FlugCa

    Maybe a biological supply company like Carolina Biological Supply, or a graveyard (a little bit more macabre), but im not 100% sure about the graveyard. You might be able to buy them, they are standard equipment for making museum skeletons and stuff.

  12. FlugCa

    pauldonald, maggots are not such good cleaners because they tend to damage fragile bones. what is really said to work are dermestids, dead-flesh-eating bugs that clean skeletons pretty nicely…you should look them up!, they make the meat removing a lot more easier and less stinkier because you have to dry the meat before it rots.

  13. EmptyPintGlass

    Legend plain and simple
    I love it

  14. IrishMedic99

    Well done, I enjoyed that. Too bad can't use that method on the EMS rig. Would make my job so much simpler sometimes lol

  15. gothiccrow666555

    Good Video Nixon. Made a good point why have a living pet when you can have a dead pet. Good video just need some work on your lighting. Can't wait too see more.

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