How to Serve Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Pet Foods

Learn about Stella & Chewy’s all natural freeze dried raw pet foods and how to serve them to your pets.

Funny Fur is a premier pet supply store and boutique specializing in designer dog clothes, dog carriers, and other pet accessories for discriminating pet parents. Funny Fur also offers a great selection of all natural and holistic pet foods and treats, raw pet food, and all natural solutions for general household and pet care products. Funny Fur buyers scour the world to find their customers the very best pet products that are both unique and made with your pet in mind.


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6 Responses to How to Serve Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Pet Foods

  1. Sara Moyster

    do not microwave water!! big no no

  2. Shawn Su

    this is a video about how to SERVE freeze dried foods rather than how to MAKE them

  3. April Wel

    I have a teacup would I give him the whole patty or half

  4. dayinthelife ofandri

    do you feed based on your current puppy's weight or their expected adult weight and how long would a bag last for a 50 lbs adult weight dog?

  5. gil

    that doesn't look like freeze dried, it looks like FROZEN raw.

  6. Josh H

    Try feeding this to a 70lb dog. I would be broke!

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