How To Properly Pet Animals

The more you know!

Based on this BuzzFeed post:

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19 Responses to How To Properly Pet Animals

  1. Dragon Giggles

    the certain death with cats is wrong with mine, my cats love being stroked on the belly.

  2. Serenity Schwarzkopf

    Really both of our cats let us rub their bellies but Jax acts like it's the best thing in the world is there a hedgehog one

  3. Emília R

    Me ( all would be STOP if it would be pet so scratching it is.):
    Head: go ahead if you want to it is ok
    arms: yes
    Hands: NO. JUST NO.
    front: NOP stop it it hurts
    legs: YAS
    feet: try not to smell it.

  4. brithwr b

    Pet bugs on their wings/backs. Gross is an opinion of yours, not bugs.

  5. brithwr b

    Wild bears? They may kill you. But domesticated bears? They love you.

  6. brithwr b

    I can touch ghosts

  7. brithwr b

    I pet fish just fine on their tails. They do not kill me.

  8. Bonnie Bunny

    What about chickens?

  9. TiteBay Girl

    Just the ”maybe” by The Wolverine’s crotch :’D
    Quite many of my cats love when I pet their belly, though 3-4 of them can be like ”OH HELL NO”.

  10. Planet Earth

    I has a fish

  11. Sophie Havens

    I Watch the cat part the belly I looked at my cat I pet her belly she started purring

  12. Winberry Faghot

    BuzzFeed is again neither right nor funny.

  13. Madison Ezman

    Every cat I know loves belly rubs!!! (Except for one wild one that hates everybody)

  14. Carter Mullanix

    You have a higher chance of living petting a wolverine (not the wolverine) than petting a cats belly XD

  15. Mystery & Truth

    Its funny cause all wrong

  16. Banana the kitten

    My cat hates it when I pet her on the from this video "perfect" place mad

  17. Wiggly jiggly Elephant

    What about guinea pigs???

  18. Aviral Pathak

    My bunnies are horrible …they love irritating me !!

  19. Nightfury Plays

    My cat Zino doesnt give a sh** about where i pet him. I can pet him on the paws, the tail and even his belly.

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