How to preserve a dead snake (or any reptile)

-70% rubbing alcohol
-appropriate size jar
-needles (optional)
-dead specimen

12 Responses to How to preserve a dead snake (or any reptile)

  1. الحجاز العظيم

    After 10 years when you drink that aged alcohol wow

  2. SirFartinTheFace

    "I'm not a methhead or nothin"… Hahaha! Kudos to you for scavenging instead of hunting

  3. Trina Schrecengost

    do I have to freeze it if its freshly dead?

  4. Trina Schrecengost

    do you do the same for small lizards?

  5. ItsEli

    Thanks! I found a dead gecko and decided I want to preserve something from every country I go to.

  6. Talha Khalid

    can we use vim jel

  7. Talha Khalid

    it loook like snake pikel

  8. chris choi

    how did you kill it without damaging the snake's skin?

  9. Aaron Crank

    Very cool vid. Preserving two dead L. Nigra right now, definitely a helpful reference.

  10. Ashy Lyn

    Why do you have to inject the snake with alcohol? What does that do? Is it a necessity to do this?

  11. Linda YoungSantos

    I've been jarring for a short time I have tons of spiders and velvet ants but I do have a lil lizard I want to "pickle" what will work best cause I use a lot of vinegar for my lil projects please help lol Ty

  12. BBReptiles

    Damn I never thought it would be that easy

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