How to Preserve a Dead Snake in Alcohol

18 Responses to How to Preserve a Dead Snake in Alcohol

  1. Mr Mortem

    which is best 70percent alcohol or 10percent formalin to perserve reptiles? or do they work the exact same?

  2. Riley Porter

    Yeah snakes are really cool and if it i find a dead one i will Preserve it

  3. April Pickard

    This is the coolest guy ever!

  4. Javier Moll Sanz

    I recently (two days ago) found a dead snake eating itself and I found it interesting enough to preserve it into a glass jar with alcohol, I did not injected alcohol inside the snake but I saw some deep wounds along its tail, so I guess the alcohol will penetrate into the body thought those wounds… Do you recommend me anyway to inject the alcohol? Thank you very much.

  5. Gabriella Smith

    the blood..

  6. TheHPExperiment

    You're wrong. When it comes to snakes, the females always get bigger.

  7. Ducesweden

    I love snakes and i like to go out and take photo's of them, but i can't help thinking that dead snakes look scary as hell. I think it may be 'cause i hardly ever see dead snakes neither in nature or on photo's.

  8. Leslie

    Newsflash yall… muscles can twitch after an animal is dead. It's not alive lmao.

  9. TheNamesDucky


  10. Lil Flyer

    I’m in that side of YouTube again

  11. Limbus Gaming
  12. slimvvy

    where would you go about finding a dead snake? if they die a natural death, do they like go to a certain type of place to die?

  13. jorge mesina

    He shot heroin into the snake and it woke back up

  14. Dawn Anderson

    Thank you for this informative video. My neighbor just brought me a small Eastern Coral Snake he killed after finding him cornered by the family cats. I've called a local college and university. Neither want the snake, so I'm going to preserve it myself!

  15. Stephen Bailey

    nice bro real nice

  16. Sanemoto Okane

    am i the only one that noticed the blood coming out of its mouth?

  17. Funn Chip

    Decoration? What is that for

  18. Kamareon Foden

    The snake did not deserve that people on the road. The snake did not deserve it but well done ✅

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