How to Mount a Mouse: A Taxidermy Tutorial

For ENC2135. Inspired by LeHeart Designs and dedicated to Emily Graslie & Casey Whitworth.

20 Responses to How to Mount a Mouse: A Taxidermy Tutorial

  1. Average Misfit

    Fishing wire is good for sewing too

  2. Sergey Babkin

    The live mice usually go with their spine curled into a reverse-U shape, so they look kind of short and fat. They stretch out their back only when they need to reach for something. When you pet a mouse, you can feel its spine going up sharply at a 90-degree angle up form the head, and then it turns around and comes back down in a 180-degree arch. If you're not trying to make them look like tiny humans, that would be a more life-like posture.

  3. Mika Yasaka

    The best pet for a taxidermist is a cat. It will always bring you dead animals! Birds, moles, hamsters, mice and sometimes even frogs!

  4. Walid K

    Fuck this bitch. Leave those animals alone, fat piece of shit!!

  5. xMissTwistedx

    A tip for your tails, you can use a white pipe cleaner to stuff them. You can trim the fluff on the pipe cleaner into a taper and insert it into the tail, so much easier 🙂

  6. Georgia

    I don't know why I'm watching this but I can't go near or touch a dead animal

  7. Andrew Manzano

    Amazing thank you

  8. Scoot's Canoe

    Hey, Ludo! That's fitting XD. I loved your tutorial, it gives a good beginner's perspective.

  9. CallMeLina

    No. That's not okay. Thats an animal.
    It was a life.
    They don't deserve to be stuffed!

  10. drspastic

    and next we have a video by Mohammed: how to mount a goat

  11. Taz Robinson


  12. Steven Strass

    I think I'm going to start a taxidermy buisnus

  13. lolsnort

    Watched "Mouse Taxidermy Tutorial by Le Heart Design" video before making this then? lol

  14. Silent Wolf

    I want a soft mount coyote or a fox possibly a wolf but strict parents won't let me

  15. trash_boy

    I don't know how but I'm watching this while eating 😛

  16. BigEbassin

    Do you keep the forearms in the mouse skin?

  17. BigEbassin

    Could you use this same procedure on a chipmunk?

  18. CTrevK

    What happens when the tissue inside the limbs starts to rot?

  19. Chained-Ikshu

    You actually can move the mouse after it dries with strong wire, as seen in soft mounts. (Soft mounts are both poseable and pillow like, and they are not stiff)

  20. Lauren Lowe

    I currently have a mouse problem in my garage and my dad, being as supportive as he is to my ~unusual~ hobby, he lets me examine the mice we catch and keep the ones i want. Originally, i was going to wet preserve them, but i kept feeling their fur and holding them and i don't want to lock them in a jar full of alcohol anymore. going to attempt this with the four mice (maybe more in the next few days) that i have collected so far! thank you for this video, description is very good.

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