Big Terrarium with ants 🙂

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  1. CloudieWinter

    can someone tell me what are those mushroom call, they look bEauTIFullll

  2. CloudieWinter

    where is that forest you go to

  3. danna marcela Ortiz

    hello my name is victor

  4. Samatha’s tv Lps

    Nice job I really like the idea 😉

  5. Hakfo

    do you need to water the plants or does it recycle itself?

  6. blessed virgin

    This wouldn’t even survive

  7. Md Nor

    There's no Queen ants so they will death

  8. Matthew Jopp

    The terrarium is pretty good but the ants will die with in 3-4 months as in a tiny piece of wood there would most likely not be a queen regardless it is a good setup

  9. Hristo Iliev

    Thank u !!! U helped me

  10. Truong Tran

    Few days later, ant army will freaking you out :)))

  11. Kent Galdo

    Playing like God

  12. lord_cades

    I added growing chili inside my terrarium 4 chili plants grew.. awesome!!!

  13. Imre Tamás Szabó

    Hi, Have you left a hole on this bottle? How did you provide the oxigen for them?

  14. korppi164

    Your voice is cancer but the video is good if you mute it.

  15. Louis

    List of things that will Murder your ants in this
    -No queen
    -Mites and other parasites contained in the objects you collect
    -Pathogens and other dangerous things contained in the objects you collect
    -The ants have been taken away from a REAL COLONY WITH A REAL QUEEN WITH THOUSANDS OF SISTERS which causes a lot of stress and panick

    How to avoid these problems
    -Let air in through tiny holes or stand it upright open the roof and put fluon (Insect a slip or PTFE) around the top
    -Get a queen during her nuptial flight or buy one I recommend Ants Canada's GAN project
    -Buy the objects you put in there and or Boil or freeze the objects you collect
    -Same as the above
    -Keep them with there real queen and colony Please don't dig up nests and take the workers and or queen or poor freaking lemon juice down to get the queen out its just outright wrong and the queen and or workers will not survive

    So please listen to this comment and raise a proper ant farm Not stealing ants and putting them in an air tight jar.


  16. Louis

    Guys don't listen to this video trust me I know what happens
    This guy is an Inexperienced idiot and you shouldn't listen to these videos when making a proper ant colony

  17. ItsAnders

    Congrats on 1m

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