How To Make a Silicone Mold of a Fish For Taxidermy

This moldmaking video shows the process of molding an actual trout for taxidermy or propmaking purposes. The materials used are Ecoflex® 00-35 silicone and Smooth-Cast® 61D tinted with So-Strong pigments. Ecoflex® 00-35 is a very fast setting silicone rubber which is not affected by the low temperature of the fish specimen. Smooth-Cast® 61D is a mercury-free impact resistant urethane casting resin.

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8 Responses to How To Make a Silicone Mold of a Fish For Taxidermy

  1. Outcast Outdoors

    Removing the fins to mold and glue back on is pretty slick! How you got the Brown to stay still and strait, is part I struggle with. After the fin removal, they tend to be non-compliant.


    This may sound odd, but im trying to find a good material for a stressball. The kinds you buy at the store. Would this be okay to use? It would have a squishy filler on the inside of the silicone.


    im a kid and if i ever had a chance to make this i will make tons of it and keep it as a toy XD

  4. Kaersten Colvin-Woodruff

    But can you eat the prototype afterwards??

  5. Mundi Odium

    song name please

  6. Lú Artesanatos

    This process serves to silicone baby too?

  7. BloodyKylie

    Is trout edible after demolding from silicone?

  8. Joe's Model Kits

    Great job on that trout, it looks good enough to eat.

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