How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain

In today’s video we’re taking the desktop vortex fountain and scaling it up, and adding a few new features!

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Beverage Dispenser:
5-Gallon Bucket:
Plastic Tray:
Water Pump:
Light Strip:

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Music by: Martin Veida – “Flower Pose”
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18 Responses to How To Make a Giant Flaming Vortex Fountain

  1. Kashyap Gohel

    By far the most creative video I have seen since the fire tornado. 😀

  2. Sean Welden

    Put a hi-liter cotton/whatev the piece is called that absorbs the ink in the water and put a blacklight on it. Whoops just saw your next video is with glowsticks…. Same idea NRVRMND

  3. Matthew Roman

    Can I try this at home??.. I want to make this so bad!!!

  4. Flow Em

    i would like to see a larger model lit in the Olympics and since it's the age of Aquarius i think it would be appropriate

  5. Clever Boy 112

    "Just the right height" "No bucket required"

  6. kisatiger13666

    Fire? Water? Air? Rocks? You’ve made the Avatar of fountains.

  7. Ben Winter

    I Made One for a party! I turned it on then waited for a bit and just causually lit it on fire.

  8. K0ester

    I’m totally making two of these

  9. Spark Productions

    i went to amazon and in "frequently bought together" was the lights, the pump, AND the container.

  10. Logan Miller

    I'mma make like four of these for out door parties

  11. Drax the Warlock Titan

    Im not jealous, you're jealous…

  12. Blankfaceman

    At 13:41 you made my day thanks

  13. Tobie hanekom

    Holy Shiiiiiiiii# This will make Victor S. Vortex master very proud Great Job !!!!!

  14. Ryan Risher

    you could add a stick and have a giant rainbow tiki torch

  15. Nora Underfresh

    You are the king like you’re living in the future

  16. Reactionless

    How much is it? I wanna buy it

  17. Cj Jackson

    Less bubbles

  18. Bradley Teynor

    what is that the scioto river

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