How to Get a Pet Wolf in Fallout 4 Guaranteed!

It’s possible to get your very own pet Wolf in Fallout 4 and I’ll show you how to do it in this video, guaranteed!

Sᴇǫᴜᴇʟ ➜

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20 Responses to How to Get a Pet Wolf in Fallout 4 Guaranteed!

  1. Skooled Zone

    If you guys want to know how to get a glowing green wolf, check out my sequel video:

  2. Revengeful Lobster

    I forgot about the super mutant in Far Harbor!

  3. Citedrapier37

    This sounds like Caveman Films

  4. matvie panzerкатуюш

    Can u make it ur companion

  5. Hivelite Helpspree


  6. bananaman 506

    there is charisma needed if you killed a dog of his before

  7. XxplasmaxX 10

    Can he gome back when you kill him

  8. Flamingwolfie

    You’ve earned yourself a new subscriber

  9. Flamingwolfie

    Thank you sooooooo much!

  10. TheGreatNarwhal

    Step 1 go to mods
    Step 2 download a Dogmeat wolf retexture mod
    Step 3 download 2 dog meats mod
    Step 4 delete 2 Dogmeat mod and get unlimited Dogmeat mod
    Step 5 enjoy all of your wolves

  11. seneca jackson

    do u need the dlc far habor

  12. Not A channel

    Can you buy more than one dog?

  13. Ad Lockhorst

    Off topic; why is there no can opener in Fallout 4? Because there are dogmeat (and other) cans aplenty (and plastic dog bowls and plastic cat bowls). LOADS of cutlery (plastic, steel, silver) but no canopeners.

  14. ChalkyGamer 935

    I have all dlc except for far harbor and automatron XD

  15. Bert Jones

    where the flock did they stash the dog house in the workshop mode?

  16. juzo suzuya

    typically animals are 5+ defense to a settlement you should be able to check the defense plus if you look at the animal while editing the place using a workshop so there is that

  17. Blue_deathclaw Girl

    Shit I need far harbor I DONT HAVE IT

  18. whereiknowyoufrom

    You couldn't press "A" because it was a cutscene. That why it said the individual was busy once it finishes the scene with the dogs you won't have that problem.

  19. TheRealSlacker

    Thank you. This was soooo much easier than trying to find Gene.

  20. Eno Reyalp

    My setllment has hundred of defense thank to death claws

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