How to dry a fish

Simple fish drying method. You can preserve your catch all year round. And dude, dry fish has a sweet texture when you eat it.

20 Responses to How to dry a fish

  1. Daniel Kohn

    The camera man is naked.

  2. Kathryn McCoy

    .what did I watch?

  3. Mike Piersimoni

    The polluted air gives it that smoky flavor

  4. dez4141

    Just salt everywhere.

  5. Serban Ovidiu Isaila

    dude, seems like she dried his fish (pimp)

  6. InfoMedia Creativ

    I have a super salted cork fish, shark, biawan and others
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  7. Charles

    He sound like the guy behind I hate everything but a bit deeper lmao

  8. MinoMano216

    great comentary and great skill

  9. Nidht

    These recipes are inspiring and delicious! I've made several of them now and I love just watching your videos. A true master at work!

  10. Zei33

    Oh wow, I didn't know you could dry fish out in that way. What sort of food can you make with dried fish?

  11. mort king

    Loved the tutorial! This reminds me of how Mum & aunties used to make them during Chinese Spring Festival. It's a technique that not many young girls know how to use anymore. Please keep up the great work and we look forward to more new videos!

  12. Gregory Whitlock

    I enjoy all of your videos please keep making them. Don't let the haters bother you. You're beautiful.

  13. Chinese Cooking Demystified

    Love your guys videos… nice job drying the fish, we always seem to screw things up when drying seafood 🙂

  14. matthendersoon

    You are awesome and I love watching your videos! I always learn something new 😀 Thanks

  15. Katherine O

    Keep up the good work! I love your videos! I watch every one! The fish looks delicious!

  16. StereoTypo

    Thank you for making this video, very informative!

  17. Nuggetheadification

    Keep making videos! We love them

  18. Jessica Shen

    To "this Asian lady", keep up the good work! I hope to employ your recipes in my own cooking. Pay no attention the trolls who delight in reducing women to sexual objects, and ridiculing anything passionate people do and or wear. What you wear or what you look like doesn't decrease your self-worth, no matter what people try to insinuate. (They honestly have nothing better to do with their time)

  19. Royce

    I love your videos, keep them coming guys! Szechuan sauce video soon?

  20. Michael Sim

    Nice looking fish.

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