How to Cold Smoke Fish Primitive Preservation

A step by step guide to cold smoke preservation using primitive means.

WARNING! This is a primitive method and is an inherently risky means of food preservation. Modern techniques and preservatives should be used if possible, this demonstrated method poses multiple dangers and should be seen as more of a post apocalyptic option.

Cold Smoking is an imprecise method of food preservation which aims at inhibiting microbial growth through temperature, humidity, and salinity manipulation. Complete inhibition of bacterial growth cannot be achieved without extreme heat, cold, and/or modern preservation methods. Botulism and numerous other harmful bacteria can remain within the meats that are cold smoked and thus pose an ever present risk.

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18 Responses to How to Cold Smoke Fish Primitive Preservation

  1. Milton Hackett

    So you have to pack the meat in a meat ,salt meat arrangements? Then you have to cook them when ready ? Every time , everything ? Can't you do steaks the same way ? Iam totally new to this sorry everyone

  2. Milton Hackett

    What happens if your smoke is hot ?

  3. Michael Byrd

    And a easier way to hang your fish is running a stick through the tail

  4. Michael Byrd

    I love using white oak for this

  5. Isaac Garcia

    So do i have to descale the fish before i dry it ?

  6. tut tut

    Cooking with them salts boy

  7. Alcatel Evolve2

    Good video and good advice at the end.

  8. anthony oliver

    I personally use pine to smoke and can fish all the time, I think it gives the best flavor. Where I live we don’t have mesquite readily available. However we do have mountain mahogany which is really good when I can get it. Also the main thing in smoking is to get rid of moisture that is what gives mold the opportunity to grow and spoil food. But if you have salt that also helps a lot. Great video!!! Love the oven. God bless!!

  9. JusBidniss

    I've always enjoyed smoking fish, but it's just a real pain getting them lit…

    (Sorry Bob, I saw the opening, had to take it, bro…) 🙂

  10. Zyriab

    Hello Bob, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    I was wondering, how can I tell that I am cold or hot smoking meat or vegetables ?

  11. Kawakami T-RELL-_-

    All of these videos just makes me wanna become a Boy Scout. Learn with rope,lighting a fire, using stuff in my surroundings to build stuff like this,an oven,a bed, a hut, weapons such as spears,knifes, a axe etc.

  12. ng kah weng

    Bob Im wondering would be the smoking process be much more effective if you cover the tripod with cloth?

  13. Lawrence Trujillo

    A good tool and an excellent moral booster.  Good video!

  14. Neesie Davis

    Don't you have problems with bears and such? Yeah, NC has onions EVERYWHERE!!! That has to be the BIGGEST yucca plant I have ever seen!!

  15. Tusk

    the modern way is the same thing except you cover the whole thing with a tarp or something similar preferably al rage metallic container what does is simply traps the smoke inside in order to bombard the meat a lot more that way the meat actually gets cooked by the smoke its quite unique it still looks raw but does not taste raw and doesn't have any bacteria in it the Inuits here in Canada do it all the time they mostly smoke Caribou and Salmon tho

  16. Ape man Commeth

    Hey your white that’s cultural appropriation!

  17. Damien Deadson

    Nothing but love, Bob. Nothing but love.

  18. Mountain Bike Mayhem

    Amazing were is this

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