how I taxidermy a fox

I hate video art. I love taxidermy. This is the result of my first video art assignment.

Note that I’m only a self taught novice at this, and not everything I do in the video is correct.

The fox in the video is on my website with my other work:

19 Responses to how I taxidermy a fox

  1. Star Destination

    3:31 me too

  2. Emmaline Farmer

    If you think about it, taxidermy is just like making an art doll but out of real animals. My view on taxidermy has changed. As long as the animal has died of natural causes!

  3. sheep playz292

    Plzzzzzzz send me one!!!!

  4. Highly Suspect

    I'm trying to learn how I want to so bad

  5. caitlin miller

    Do u mount them wet? Also do u tan or salt the hide first

  6. the Alpha Wolf Therian

    How do you get a skin?

  7. PaintHorse 96

    I would love to do this but my mom wouldnt let me cause its real skin

  8. Hetzer Hasser

    looks very good. very lifelike. interesting

  9. Lynn Gunnels

    I can see the struggle lmao. Love the time and effort you took

  10. Ryan Verma

    Do you buy the hides or hunt the animal it self and take the skin off of it???

  11. james joseph

    So, how long did this actually take, in hours?

  12. Wolf Prints

    Where do you get your hides? Starting taxidermist myself, this inspires me so much but I can't seem to find mountable pelts

  13. witchblade666

    It's funny how people are all triggered at the fact you may have killed the animal (which I presume you didn't) when they probably eat cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and all sorts on a daily basis, yet they don't care about that. Really, it's just as bad as if you did actually kill the fox seen as they eat killed animals all the time. Also you're using it for a better cause, as you actually turn it into a decoration that you will remember (unlike if you eat the animal, you'd forget within a few days) and you could use the foxes insides to feed wild animals. The fact it's used when it's died from natural causes is even better. These words are coming from a vegetarian. So people, stop bitching and moaning about it seen as most people do worse on a daily basis by eating animals. And no, I'm not all triggered about the fact people eat meat, I'm just emphasising the fact that most of the people complaining about taxidermy probably do eat meat which is just as bad, if not worse.

  14. Steve's Outdoor World

    great job thank for sharing.i too used to do taxidermy.

  15. Shadow Smile

    I love this a true work of art.

  16. Panagiota 123

    Beech fuck your life this fur is from real Fox!

  17. Deathbloomss

    Do you sell these foxes..? They're beautiful!

  18. Mr. Prober

    you should imbed magnets in the head, then you can make it wear funny hats

  19. Agent Orange

    Wow this was beautiful thank you for sharing your art and method

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