How I preserve my animals!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to teach you how I go about preserving my animals.
This method has worked for me for Rats and Spiders and other little critters. I haven’t preserve anything large like this before. And I’m hoping it works! But this method will work for insects and mice!

15 Responses to How I preserve my animals!

  1. BrightHeart 200019

    Wow! Thanks! I didn't know that it was so simple! 😀

  2. Gabe Centurion

    Vpi axanthic?

  3. Annie Antwobabies

    Cool for some maybe… id rather go to the yard and mourn a grave site than see my dead beloved animals on my shelf..

  4. TrueHeartedLad

    I preserved my black rock skink and he bleached out which made me cry. He was such a beautiful brownish black hue

  5. Matthew Jones

    Only a person this edgy would name there snake Hitler.

  6. noahbarger01

    Can you preserve eggs like this?

  7. Vicente Blanchys

    does this works with baby sharks

  8. Sarah Jacklin

    Would this work for Bats or would it mess up the wings?

  9. chris dickerson
  10. Mandi P

    This is pretty neat to preserve those smaller pets that pass and you want to keep their memory alive. 🙂 not sure if I would ever do it for any of my pets, though since I'm a big dog type of person. 😛

  11. Isatou Suso

    shouldn't you inject it with alcohol as well? (really have to know before i start this) or does it depend on the size of the animal?

  12. Cody Lefler

    Will the snake eventually settle or continue to float and does the alcohol stay clear or change color?

  13. Paxton Foote

    This is so neat! I have a weird fascination with this type of stuff!!

  14. mytube1003

    Is it still the same size? When you preserve large animals I thought you had to inject isopropyl into the stomach cavity to stop them from rotting from the inside out?

  15. Idk Crackers

    Will this work for bigger pets like an adult cat? And do you ever have to change the alcohol?

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