Heron’s Fountain Three Bottle Fountain

Heron’s Fountain Three Bottle Fountain
For this experiment you need 3 empty coca cola or any other bottles, 1 straw, 2 pipes and some water. Just follow instruction in this video and you make Heron’s Fountain!

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17 Responses to Heron’s Fountain Three Bottle Fountain

  1. ujwala sirigineedi

    it is stoppable. It stoppes when bottom bottle fills with water from middle bottle

  2. Chandeshwar Sahni

    kahan ka fountain hai


    மரணகலாய் எந்திரன் part2 2.O 100%காமெடி comedy https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=157038568235000&id=145387679400089

  4. Mário Janeiro
  5. Kurigram Blog

    amazing a creative video !!!

  6. Катя я катя Федорова

    шо за говно а а а

  7. Hildeia Lima

    2:30 name sound

  8. Puma Sos

    Coca Cola product placement = Illuminati

  9. cyril ferrier

    Will this run continuously? Great vid and awesome camera work.

  10. Nelio Anderson

    Will someone please build a big one and have the falling water propel a 10 kilowatt a day turbine? A low speed high output water wheel generator would work like a charm. Wanted to do this for a long time but finances have been a bitch. That would be sweet. No need for sunlight or wind and it could run 24/7 reducing the need for a large battery bank. Also if you used engine coolant it could work all winter without freezing. I wanted to build one as a prototype and then make it look like a garden center piece. I would post the designs for everyone to try. I will do this one day planning in less than a year. But I'm letting the idea out to see if it grows. We all need to eliminate the power scheme we have been trapped into. No more big company middle man

  11. roberta roberta

    Amei este video toppppppp

  12. Sarah TRUONG

    I like your videos

  13. Martina Garrido Carrasco

    Da cáncer la Coca-Cola así que no ay que tomar

  14. Rylan Johnson

    Quick rundown of how this actually works, for anyone curious. The water in the top bottle flows down the tube to the bottom bottle via gravity. This forces the air in the bottom bottle through the straw into the top of the middle bottle. The air pressure against the water increases and forces the water up the tube into the top bottle. This repeats infinitely.

  15. Leiland Easom

    Go to my channel Leiland easom

  16. Nicholas Maier

    Dude, I think you just created perpetual motion!

  17. Angelo Pal

    how is possible this ??

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