Hachiko Soft Mount Taxidermy

Here is a short video from my Coyote Hachiko. I got him in january 2013.
He is one of my favourite soft mounts.
I hope you like him and my video.

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I did not kill him or did I buy him to be killed. I have high respects for all animals, dead and alive.

12 Responses to Hachiko Soft Mount Taxidermy

  1. Casdabass

    This is fascinating

  2. Alexis smith

    where do you buy/get one of these my fiancé and I have been wanting to get one but we don't know where to look or get one

  3. MultiFandom Trash


  4. Emilia {em}

    Where can I buy one!

  5. Joe Bloggs

    so cool, I want him!

  6. MachineFight

    Scary shit.. very disturbing..

  7. Tasty Texan

    Omg, Sitka! Aha (His old name) I am the one who sold this to you!

  8. Tanya Turtle

    Beautiful! I'm going to try to make one. :3

  9. Holly M

    So beautiful. good job to whoever made it, it looks amazing.

  10. Red Shot

    Whats a soft mount?

  11. Annix Art

    Where did u get this absololitly amazing soft mount? I want something like this too

  12. Tilly

    I love soft mounts! I have a soft mount coyote named Ickarus, and he has ice blue eyes 🙂 Great for photography

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