Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Grandma Lucy’s makes freeze-dried raw dog food that’s full of pure, delicious meat with tasty fruits and vegetables. Grandma Lucy’s has a variety of recipes that are made with love for your pup. Artisan, their original freeze-dried formula, is gentle on dogs with food sensitivities. Pureformance is made with protein rich chickpeas, while Valor and Macanna feature superfoods, like quinoa, hemp hearts and kale. Grandma Lucy’s will even help you take care of your pup when he’s sick with their Simple Remedy, a recipe for upset stomachs. So check out Grandma Lucy’s, and get ready to fall in love with freeze-dried.

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4 Responses to Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

  1. Anna Chandrakasem

    Because the ingredient's geographical location is what makes it the MOST healthiest part of the whole thing. Nice; calling out a country was very professional as a brand.

  2. Mash TV

    my grandma is grandma lucy

  3. Mash TV

    my grandma is grandma lucy

  4. Grandma Lucy's

    Thanks for being a great Paw-rtner! We love Chewy!

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