Going Underwater For a World Worth Protecting | Perpetual Planet: Baja

National Geographic and National Geographic Correspondent, Alexandra Roca, travel across Baja California, Mexico to explore why wildlife tourism is evolving in this bio-diverse region.
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Rolex and National Geographic have formed an enhanced new partnership to promote exploration and conservation. The organizations with more than 200 years of combined experience supporting expeditions, are again joining forces to support pioneering explorers and nurture their successors in efforts to safeguard the Earth’s oceans, poles and mountains for the benefit of future generations. #partneredcontent

Going Underwater For a World Worth Protecting | Perpetual Planet: Baja

National Geographic

17 Responses to Going Underwater For a World Worth Protecting | Perpetual Planet: Baja

  1. National Geographic

    Ecotourism is evolving as a model of sustainability for some of the most biodiverse regions on our planet. What did you find most interesting from Alexandra's explorations on Cabo Pulmo and Isla Espiritu Santo?

  2. Sara Schulze

    liberal past tail twsqm unfortunately continued operation link radical ban contact.

  3. Vitomir Maricic

    freediving things are welcome. Cool.

  4. dawei wang

    We need Mexican scientists, educated researchers and professionals, not fence jumpers. But unfortunately only the worst jump fence and come to USA illegally.

  5. linggiman

    Rolex now join the conservative effort for our beloved earth along with nat geo…yeay good job

  6. Marjun Guindulman

    she is pretty <3

  7. Douglas Garrido

    OMG! What a beautiful place… I must see this someday in my life. Tks NatGeo to show videos like that, it's awesome!

  8. Aniq Azlan

    I feel very calm while watching this. Beautiful ❤

  9. Maria Kalinowska

    Fantastyczna prezentacja – dziękuję 🙂 Miłego dnia życzę:)

  10. Maplehouse Knives

    I've been diving w/ sharks, the first thing I was taught was to NOT wave your arms or hands around! Timestamp 4:03 = Crazy!

  11. Maeve Noor

    This is a very double standard kinda situation.
    The 'red sea' you're talking about is a. the livelihood of the residents and b. very important for the preservation of this ecosystem.

    I know what you mean when you say the seals scatter when the people come, but just look how unfair that is.
    Those people came there – same as you – to experience the seals and their environment. Each and every single one of them wants their fingers lightly chewed and other playful shenanigans … because they care about the seals or they at least are interested enough to open up to caring and protecting the seals in the future.

    I know I would want the privilege YOU had. To have a private diving team to swim with the seals. But that is very unlikely to happen.
    So you need 'the red sea' to come. Because you need them to care. Because if they don't care, they won't help protect it.
    It is a simple logic. So think about that the next time you talk with such contempt in your voice about that 'red sea' …

  12. Balakrishnan Menon

    Super Location!

  13. Mats Claes

    after beginning depth target accident congressional round recent respectively.

  14. Zbynek Kolacek

    Fantastico, muy bien hecho…

  15. Carolina C

    God, this video is so fucking beautiful. Sometimes I get so bogged down with life…. until I see awesome shit like this. Makes me want to LIVE. If anything, just to be scuba certified.

  16. chairshoe81

    y only 720p 🙁

  17. Surabhi

    Wonderful nature all being in perfect order by Divine arrangement: http://www.Prabhupadabooks.com

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