Freeze Drying Your Pet

Immortalize Your Pet by Freeze Drying – as part of the series on pets and animals by GeoBeats.

We all have difficult time letting go of what we love – our possessions, people, and pets.

For those who are too attached to their pets, you can preserve them using an innovative freeze drying method.

After death, the animal is kept in a freeze-dry chamber. Using a vacuum technology, all the moisture is turned into gas to prevent decay and voila, you have your pet back! The process takes 4 to 6 months and you can choose the pose you want your pet to be preserved in.

Humans’ quest for preservation has been going on on forever. The earliest and longest running form of corpse preservation is mummification. King Tut is probably the most well known and preserved ancient mummy.

In modern times, over a hundred Americans are preserved in liquid nitrogen. Baseball player, Ted Williams is one of them.

Then ofcourse, there are are infinite examples of artifacts being preserved in the last thousands of years. One of the most elaborate being the Terracotta site where the then emperor essentially replicated his entire army to join him in after life.

Meanwhile, freeze drying a pet is certainly catching on and growing in popularity. Critics say you have to learn to let go and that’s healthier in the long run.

Would you freeze dry your pet?

8 Responses to Freeze Drying Your Pet


    If I could afford it I would. I wish I could also freeze dry my money that way I keep it forever.

  2. synthartist69

    Yes I would!

  3. Rift

    when they die yes

  4. you-are-the-pelican-man

    I'm came here trying to learn how, so yes, I would freeze dry my pet.

  5. MagnificentAnimals

    Nooo waayyyyy



  7. faakid

    WTF Did I just watch? Oh, adn NO FUCKING WAY…

  8. Samuel Pauwels

    no thts pretty creepy

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