freeze dry pets

freeze dry pets

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  1. Tom Sunshine

    I have a freeze dried cat ,1 of my kittens has ate some of the tail and is now sick .I just would like to know is it possible that it could have poisened the kitten ,if anyone knows pls. Respond thank you .

  2. cheerio270

    I want to start collecting freeze dried and taxidermied animals. I find it expressive of the animal's past life. It is not creepy, it is a work of art. If you've ever loved a pet so much you would know how these people feel when their pets pass. I personally do not know if I would freeze dry or taxiderm my own pet, but I can see people collecting them. I ordered a freeze dried guinea pig off of eBay because I will never most likely be able to have a guinea pig and I want something that was once very meaningful to someone. I am also a very spiritual person and believe that the freeze dried and taxidermied animals have a lot of meaning and spiritual passion. That's just the way I see it.

  3. The4RealMsC

    I think this is awesome!!! If you find this creepy you've never loved a pet deeply enough to understand it.

  4. Suzanne Major

    Could you tell me the name of the company please

  5. God 3SAGE

    Some ppl dont understand that sometimes you can love your beyond limits ppl will understand I love my dog that I'm willing to kill for him and I'm sure he willing to protect me with his life …I find this a bit odd but it does make sense I would like to have my dog freezed dried them when I pass do the same and then bury us together in the same coffin ..mans best friend isn't a lie

  6. OneManHowTo

    I want to be freeze-dried when I die and then put in a museum

  7. Transane

    forever alone.

  8. needskin4holes

    A little creepy, a little strange, but understandable.

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