Freeze Dry Pet Preservation featured by JET24

SPRINGBORO, Pa. — For some people, a pet can be like a child, and when it dies, it can be devastating. There is now a way that you can keep your pet with you even after it dies.

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8 Responses to Freeze Dry Pet Preservation featured by JET24

  1. Irvin Green

    This is a great thing u do a lot of ppl love there pets like family as for me I love my shih-tzu like she’s my child and when the time comes I’m seriously thinking about doing this

  2. Tegan Yelton

    its interesting, but I feel like these people simply cannot cope with death….

  3. Madame Velvet the Dutchie

    I love my cat like he's my child but I couldn't stand to look at his lifeless body daily. When he dies I want his skull cleaned and put on my dresser. I collect skulls and at least then I won't see his face.

  4. Carlos Gonzalez

    Th way she's petting kitty is really creepin me out

  5. Brownie Kat

    Is it possible to do a hamster, and how much would it cost?

  6. Leslie Lazarus

    This is horrible and creepy. I love my pets like kids but I'm not gonna freeze dry kids or pets. People need to learn to mourn the loss and move on without that animal by your side. This is so creepy. Would you want someone to do this to you??

  7. Tammy Bowen

    can you change the position once they have been frozen?

  8. Angel Wicker

    How much does this cost. And where is this at? I would really love to do this when my dog passes. she's quite old.

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