Freeze-Dried Raw dog Food Tasting Pomeranians

Hey everyone, here is a video of my Pommies Kuma and Kira tasting Freeze- Dried Raw Dog Food.They tried Stella and Chewy’s, Primal and Vital Essentials. Hydrostatic High Pressure Freeze-Dried Raw pet foods (like “Stella & Chewy’s” and “Primal”) are great because this technology eliminates pathogens without the use of heat or irradiation and therefore, maintains all the important enzymes and amino acids in the food (something you can not acquire in dry dog food or cooked foods.) Freeze-Dried Raw food is great for pets 😀 Hope you enjoy the video and that it helps!

2 Responses to Freeze-Dried Raw dog Food Tasting Pomeranians

  1. Lisa M. Mitchell

    88% dog owners poisoning her puppy slowly everyday? Are you the one?

  2. Mauigirl52

    Very cute! I have to laugh, though – my two pit bulls would have just gobbled up all of them in two seconds without even tasting them! 🙂

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