Freeze-dried Pomeranian

My friend Maggie’s Pomeranian died so she shipped it off to be freeze-dried. $600 later this is the result. The other dogs look a little nervous.

6 Responses to Freeze-dried Pomeranian

  1. Cindy Daniels

    Totally weirdly hilarious.

  2. Kelsie Schaefer

    Fuck you. You're laughing. 

  3. Lilly Nguyen

    That is sick ! As in nasty, disgusting , pathetic

  4. gemstarstation

    Pathetic humans

  5. Liz M

    @ajaykeer23939 you're actually wrong. They take the guts out but leave the bones in. They remove the eyes and replace them with plastic eyes. The bones stay in. They pose the animal and put it in a dryer that sucks every bit of moisture out of the body over time. So no its not a Filler. Watch American Stuffers on Animal Planet. New episode Thursday night. They specialize in this kind of thing.


    @misslovelett its dead… they remove all the flesh and keep the hyde to stuff it with some sort of wood material to hold the position of the dead mummified pet loook

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