Freeze Dried Pets

A growing number of Ark. residents are now going to extravagant lengths to forever honor their pets and it’s gaining the attention of a major cable network. KTHV-TV’s Ashley Blackstone reports.

7 Responses to Freeze Dried Pets

  1. Amy Eckenrode

    Its called American Stuffers

  2. SamIAm

    jeez they all look squashed and truly dead…..I would be horrified to pick up my pet looking like that….

  3. ferociousgumby

    I keep dead bodies in my house, too.

  4. Mitch Ross


  5. Mason Clark

    I saw my friend!

  6. Dixie Grammer

    can't wait for it to air!!!!!!!

  7. Mr. Caputo

    this is insane!

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