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Pet preservationist Chuck Rupert of Second Life Freeze Dry makes the death of a pet easier on owners. With vacuums and ultra-cold temperatures, Chuck’s company prepares and preserves people’s pets just the way they remember them, helping to ease their loss as they move through the healing process.

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6 Responses to Freeze-Dried Pets | Second Life Freeze Dry // 60 Second Docs

  1. PlayWithColour

    I would love to know the soundtrack here, please and thank you!

  2. corpse

    i don't get how people can do this
    if i froze my dog i would probably cry every time i saw her lifeless frozen body

  3. Remi

    yep. Chuck Testa

  4. 60 Second Docs

    Weird or wonderful?

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  5. fasznyak

    this is crazy. would you like to be freeze dried for your children and grandchildren?

    people need to grow the fuck up.

  6. Always watchin' o_o

    Weird but cool as well, would not do that to my pet though. xD

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