Freeze-Dried Pets | American Stuffers

Intern Dixie gets a hands on crash course in the pet preservation business.

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20 Responses to Freeze-Dried Pets | American Stuffers

  1. Julia Crawford

    Ugh. Stupid idiot.

  2. Aldoxmc

    justo hoy cumple 1 año de muerta mi mascota, y a mi me encantaba ver este programa con ella </3

  3. The Maker Shoppe

    shes so fucking annoying, just do it their dead

  4. ang9l

    Dumb fat ugly cunt, I would love to do that kind of work, and I wouldn't be a fat pussy like this dumb bitch either.


    That stupid bitch is in the wrong business. That's like someone wanting to become a lawyer but hates reading, or a police officer scared of guns. Dumb ass ah it.

  6. Stavros Xenophontos

    fucking killers

  7. Jelli Potter

    I don't care if you dislike this because it grosses you out, but this is helping the owners of these pets because they will still have have their best friend with them by their side.

  8. Jelli Potter

    On 1 of these episodes they had a convention and the stuffers came. An old lady brought her 15 yr. old, blind yorkie to the convention and the stuffers talked with her about her dog, then the day after, her dog died. When the stuffers came to pick the dog up she told them that her son had died many years ago and her husband too, but her dog, Britteny, was all she had left. The stuffers started to tear up and got very emotional. They promised to do the best they would to make her as beautiful as

  9. Jelli Potter

    Why dislike this? The only reason you should dislike something is if the title isn't the same as what the video is and wasn't what you were looking for. You people read the title and clicked on it, so that was what you were looking for. Right? Don't dislike videos like this because it's nasty or not right. I'd honestly have a pet that is dead looking alive with me at home than rotting underground not by my side. If u agree like:)

  10. shnhsks

    this is gross 🙁

  11. lizard1515

    That's it. I give up on you Animal Planet. Why are you giving in to the stupid 'reality show' trend? I'm sick of shows with rednecks fishing and finding bigfoot and animal hoarders. All your shows now have to do with people and domestic animals (pets)… and some JUST about people("The Haunted" and "I Shouldn't Be Alive?"…wtf?!). While I woudn't mind some shows about pets, I really miss your shows about wild animals and nature. 🙁

  12. PyroPisces

    Don't Worry, I'm also arachnaphobic. Its bad!!

  13. Aviarei

    Who would want to constantly remind themselves of their dead pet by stuffing their empty bodies and looking into their dead eyes?
    That would creep me out immensely, to have my pet physically there but see no life or love in its eyes.

  14. White Hyena Studios

    @KlareAquaTea WTF=wow thats awesome

  15. Slanky

    Mother of god…
    What sicko wants there pet freeze-died!!!!!!

  16. That one guy who is always at the best parties

    @randomfriendlyguy saw*

  17. That one guy who is always at the best parties

    say a commercial for this show last night and thought it was a joke….


  18. cameron caples

    @pinkiemew and wild safari, the planets funniest animals, and emergency pets. i miss that animal planet. now its turning into tlc.

  19. Roseqquartz

    W.T.F!!!! Why?!?!?

  20. solewardenator

    *snake head gets pulled out of fridge*
    Me: What the hell…..
    *Small dog gets pulled out of fridge*
    Me: FUCK!!!!!

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