Freeze Dried Pets

A growing number of Ark. residents are now going to extravagant lengths to forever honor their pets and it’s gaining the attention of a major cable network. KTHV-TV’s Ashley Blackstone reports.

6 Responses to Freeze Dried Pets

  1. adam romero

    What happen to yall show I use to watch it all the time

  2. Squitiddy The First

    Love the show, he is really doing something great for his community

  3. Aleu Lyco

    I never saw the show or heard of it. How come it never showed?

  4. mel

    Daniel Ross did an excellent job on my dog sweetee. My dad was a hunter so taxidermy wasn't new for me but freeze drying was. No form is used and your pet looks natural. I couldnt leave her behind after I sell ny land. I wish I had known about this option a long time ago.

  5. daisyiscute87

    Pretty cool!

  6. Nathan White

    This is awesome I want to get my cat done when he goes

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