Freeze Dried Pets

News segment from the ’80’s on keeping your dead critter around forever.

20 Responses to Freeze Dried Pets

  1. Tammy Bowen

    Beautiful <3

  2. Ben SL

    I remember seeing an infomercial for freeze-drying your pets back around the year 2000. Anybody else remember that?

  3. Schnabel Von Rom

    Laughed way too hard at this.

  4. Nick6Michael

    I think this dude was traumatized as a child.

  5. scarpelli_k8

    If u wanna freeze dry ur pet… Fine. But when u start setting water out for it and tucking it in at night… Wtf?


    I will freeze dry my 3 dogs when they pass away if I am able to afford it. I'm feeling sad just thinking it.

  7. Inge VS

    is freeze drying that old?

  8. Michelle Hernandez

    i'm surprised people haven't had a family member freeze dried if they already have had a pet

  9. Rod walk

    Iola done this to her cat Midnight on "Mama's family"

  10. SamIAm

    god these are ghoulish

  11. MrJuvefrank

    I was waiting for Rod Serling to start talking like in the Twilight Zone……

  12. Livey Padlock

    Billybobkumar do you really think it would be legalese to do that * face palm

  13. Livey Padlock

    Billybobkumar do you really thing

  14. BillyBobKumar

    @RobbytheLion Since most of my family is dead I can assure you that there's no way I want to see my loved ones treated like coffee beans. My mom, in particular, was full of life and loved to do old-style dances to the music playing nonstop at home, so do you really think I want to see her propped up in a chair like a zombie collecting dust?

  15. BillyBobKumar

    @EmilyMishap Plastic.

  16. BillyBobKumar

    @shaedeebird Nope, look at the Animal Planet special and you'll see that the eyes are plastic.

  17. cantabileloves

    he did quite a bad job with e taxidermy.

  18. Dosalt

    this should be taken a step up

  19. Robby Chisholm

    I'm not sure of the legalities but it would be so cool if we could do this with people. Just imagine a loved one, forever sleeping in a special casket and since they aren't an environmental hazard (traditionally embalmed corpses are) you could keep them in your home. A lot of people keep urns with loved one's ashes inside. This wouldn't be much different.

  20. Bollog Nyessy

    so, so, so sad.

    also, FRED, IS DEAD.

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