Freeze Dried Live Probiotics in VeRUS pet foods

The Industry’s Only Live Probiotics
Vérus Pet Foods are the only formulas on the market
to contain a patent-pending freeze-dried LIVE probiotic.
Once consumed by pets, these freeze dried live microrganisms
reactivate, providing the most powerful probiotic benefits of any other pet food on the market. What are probiotics? Just like humans, a pet’s digestive system is home
to hundreds of different types of bacteria that work
to keep the intestines healthy. Probiotics are live
microorganisms— similar to those found in the
intestines—which help maintain the balance of
this healthy natural bacteria in pets’ digestive systems.
Our freeze dried live probiotics reactivate upon consumption, guaranteeing 30 times the activity- and digestion and immunity benefits- of other pet food probiotics.

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