Freeze Dried Ground Beef Looks Like DOG FOOD?!

Today I’m cooking with Freeze Dried Ground Beef. There’s just one problem.. It looks like dog food! Watch to the end to see what my family thought about this dinner. 😉

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8 Responses to Freeze Dried Ground Beef Looks Like DOG FOOD?!

  1. The Therapy Mama

    I've been watching a lot of videos about Thrive Life and I think I'm going to give it a try soon. I feel like the convenience/storage would be worth it. I'm glad you liked it. I haven't had saffron rice in a while, but now I'm hungry for it. 🙂

  2. kathy jo tourtois

    love my ground beef from honeyville !!! really thinking on trying the thrive though !! any thoughts ????? hugs from michigan

  3. Amy browneyes

    That rice dish looks soooo good and easy to put together!!!!

  4. Gary R

    No way. Sorry. Lol. I'd never spend money on that stuff. Plus it's like three times the price.

  5. Better Safe Than Sorry

    Do the Thrive products seem expensive?

  6. TheHaveMoreFarm

    Big Dog likes it, must be good!

  7. lineflyer1

    You hit the mother load of gravy train

  8. Billy Branch Homestead


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