Freeze Dried Eggs

Harvest Right Freeze Drier
I don’t recommend dehydrating eggs. You can also purchase Freeze dried eggs on the internet rather cheaply so it’s not worth the risk to dehydrate. Blessings

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  1. vinjulieann1

    That's why I invested in the silicone liners – make clean up a little easier for my hand issues .. I am going to have to do eggs – do you use the powdered eggs in other recipies like in baking? I am curious what they are like rehydrated – powdered eggs whites are expensive – but make the best face tightening mask.

  2. tom boy

    I'm kinda u know. Don't tell noone

  3. Johnny Wewoka

    If dehydrated eggs have a "short" life then how can those "prepper" companies continue to sell dehydrated eggs that have a have a 25 year shelf life????

  4. Unknown Entity

    Why hello Microsoft Sam

  5. Jeff Arp

    I wanted to see the freeze drying process next time please.

  6. Terry Lemire

    this may seem like a stupid question, but are powdered eggs and freeze dried eggs the same?

  7. Nota Rookie

    Have you broken a Vita-Mix blender? If you break the Blendtech try a Vita Mix

  8. Kandela Brown

    Sounds like a gay guy.

  9. Kasper Wade

    Probably a awesome Mommy! Defiantly a current or past smoker. Just saying!!

  10. Thomas Glander

    Thanks for all you do. God Bless and have a wonderful day.

  11. Scotty Weißmüller

    Most annoying voice ever g-zus live next to a nuclear plant or something growing up?

  12. NorCal Nugget

    does the freezer dryer smell?

  13. sue mcfarlane

    Adding egg shells to soil when growing tomatoes can help prevent blossom end rot

  14. Fields of Wellness Harner

    Would be helpful to know how much water and egg proportions to rehydrate


    The whisking the eggs is to get them properly mixed so than when dried you take out the amount for 1 egg and it has the correct ratio of White/Yolk

  16. Norman Lionel Carandang

    Jesus I didn't know freeze dried eggs

  17. Ella Duhon

    You also may want to wash your hands and clean your finger nails . Sorry just happy its not me eating behind your prepping..

  18. n mc

    Hey Bexar Prepper, I just bought and received a small Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and I also ordered a maintenance free pump. It cost me way more ($1295) but I'll never have to mess with all the oil issues since it doesn't use oil!!!!!

    I guess they will be announcing the maintenance free pump sometime in January. Just thought you'd like to know!

  19. Calvin Bridges

    life time investment on health has no price plus you can go into business with your freeze dryer and make 10X-100X your investment

  20. metzindustries

    a little bit of accord powder will make that mix easier and give you a better product

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