Freeze Dried Dog Treats: 5 Fast Facts

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Fact #1. In order for your dog to thrive, it’s important to feed them nutritious, delicious food. Even between meals, when your pup is craving a snack, you should offer a healthy treat, not just bland, stale kibble. You should certainly consider picking up some freeze dried treats for your canine.

Fact #2. The freeze drying process locks in all the healthy stuff. Most pet food is over-processed and lacking in essential nutrients. Feeding your dog freeze dried treats is something that you can feel good about. This type of treat supports canine health, providing them the clean energy their bodies need.

Fact #3. Dehydrated treats are often richer in flavor than other varieties. A treat, after all, should be something to crave rather than a dry, flavorless morsel made up of mystery ingredients. Freeze dried meat won’t lose its flavor in storage, either. When training your pet, it only makes sense to reward them with something that tastes good. Snacks are motivators for dogs. This means they’ll be much more likely to pay attention to your commands when they know the payoff is a hearty, savory treat.

Fact #4. Dehydrated food has an incredibly long shelf-life. With this in mind, you’re free to fill up the pantry with enough treats to last for months and months. And, since freeze drying eliminates moisture, these treats are smaller, lighter, and therefore easier to store and transport.

Fact #5. Freeze drying meat doesn’t significantly change the texture, flavor, or smell of meat. Unlike many run-of-the-mill canine snacks on the market, these fall under the umbrella of whole foods. That means they haven’t been mixed with grains, dyes, or other miscellaneous ingredients. If you believe that it’s best to feed your dog a diet similar to that of their ancestors, then freeze dried food is the way to go.

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