Four Cats, a Stuffed Bobcat, and a dog make a FUNNY video!

Our cats and dog had never seen this taxidermy “stuffed” Bobcat. Their reaction is, well just watch! 🙂

bobcat scares , scared cats

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16 Responses to Four Cats, a Stuffed Bobcat, and a dog make a FUNNY video!

  1. Joshua Goldup

    Comedy classic cracks me up every time

  2. everythingisaprocess

    It's funny that they all ran AFTER the one cat touched the stuffed one…you would think that it would have eased the tension considering the stuffed one did not move…for obvious reasons.

  3. the random wolf

    Um the dong did absolutely nothing

  4. LincolnSixEcho

    Even that dog was like "fuck out too"…and the cat under the table was'nt even looking and took off cus eveyone else did..LOL

  5. diamond ancientgfreddy

    1:02 why everyone is here

  6. RamblinAround

    It still cracks me up that even the dog ran outside.

  7. Cal Gary

    That was good!!!

  8. victorjl victorjl

    I can watch this over and over and still laugh like I'm watching it for the first time.

  9. Alex Collazo

    Funny as hell

  10. tonycavanagh1929

    Never fails to make me laugh 🙂

  11. DukeOfChirk

    Well, I think you proved one thing. Cats have faster reflexes than dogs…… lol

  12. mac16one

    Somebody needs an inhaler! Hahhaha

  13. kevin e-anaba

    if u have a laugh like that then you should go see a doctor. da fuck?!?!

  14. Vertov Victor

    Where can i can get the version where they all talk to each other?? It's even more hilarious!

  15. jimmy perkins

    Where can i buy a stuffed Bobcat ?

  16. David Person

    in some parallel universe its a stuffed human and bobcats make a funny video

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