Fisheries Preservation Update – Danny Fairbrass

Here’s a quick update from Danny on the progress of the fisheries preservation venture…

9 Responses to Fisheries Preservation Update – Danny Fairbrass

  1. mokkabak

    A healthy lake, has all kinds of fish species, from rudd, roach, perch, pike, tench etc.  which in general establishes a solid foodchain. Removing certain species in order to prime conditions for one particular species is wrong in every fiber of its being. Both in regards to the natural balance of the water but also in terms of contagious hazard. Fish can be bearers of diseases, and moving species between waters out of regular infliction on each others might create nationwide epidemic of uncontrollable outbreaks amongst certain species. I do not mind the effort being put into priming the conditions for the carp. But please see it in a bigger picture. Dont mess with the natural balance of the lake by adding obscene amounts of specific species and removing others, to that body of water endemic species. instead teach the young generations the joy of diversity and teach them, that a roach is just as important and interesting as is a carp!!!

  2. Tommy Tucker

    well done danny sounds like ur grabbing the bull by the horns.what a pity ur not in Ireland.We could really do with having someone like you over here to straighten out the irish fisheries board keep up the good work fair play

  3. scorpio613349

    keep up the good work dannny love all your vids pal keep up the good work. looks like its going to be hat work..  id do it voluntary iv got epilepsy and its very hard to get back into work but id be up for the job you could give me any challenge and id be up for it 

  4. SnaggedOnFish

    Cheeky cut shot of me at the carp academy 😉

  5. Luke Jepson

    It's the hardest lake in the uk

  6. Luke Jepson

    I'm telling you if I won lottery bam!

  7. Luke Jepson

    Buy codnor park res the new owner has ruined it he killed all the legendary carp by putting new carp in he removed the pike and everything is unbalanced perch garlore, Needs a new owner it used too be booming now they is only maybe 5-6 20+ left plus other carp maybe only 50 carp all together Great Lake has produced 1 35+ back in its prime, The lake only needs 30 20s and it will be back!

  8. Roy Ferguson

    good skills dan, that should shut a few of the haters up, fair play to ya

  9. alex low

    If you started a donation I would donate so maybe this could be a way forward to saving carp

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