Fish Taxidermy – Zander

How to mount a fish the old traditional way

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  1. Elizabeth Anne Marie Schindler

    wow !!! I'm very impressed by your videos, real art here !! please I'm new to this and will be trying to follow your directions, if you please can help me … have my fish in the freezer already I'm wondering if I can skinned it then refreeze until I'm able to find the actual ingredients to continue the taxidermy properly ??? and please please any ideas on how to do this on crabs ??? I'm in the US Cheers from Texas Sir, thank you for your amazingly done videos

  2. fullstrutn

    keep the meat for cooking as well!!! zander and chips aye!! good for you, .TOO much waste from some taxidermists. I just do birds and cook up lots of gumbo and fried thinly sliced turkey

  3. fullstrutn

    monsterfisher1998 borax isn't that expensive $4 or $5 for a 4 lb. box enough to do several fish or birds.

  4. Kim Battaglia

    This video rocks!!

  5. Ferdy Imlah

    i love it. but sir, in my country it's really hard to find borate. are there any other ways to preserve it?

  6. Jéssica Medeirosda Silva

    Adorei o vídeo!

  7. Peterwoodarts

    What a lovely idea, it is a place I have always wanted to visit, paint, film and fish. Almost got there a few years back! If this is a serious offer write to me via my email on my website?!!? 🙂 We will talk a lot more. I offer a return break here in exchange for such hospitality.

  8. lobo bueno

    right it is easier with foam my fish is done cheers from sunny Costa Rica you are welcome anytime you wanna catch tropical species

  9. Peterwoodarts

    Thank you Justin, I hope my films continue to inspire you.

  10. Justin Lee

    You sure have been a big help and an inspiration in my life

  11. Peterwoodarts

    As I say below, you would possibly do better using the foam "body form" method? In watching other pro taxidermy films I see that they all fill and touch up damage and small dents etc. whatever method. Including fin cream for split fins. ( cannot get it in UK so far ! will experiment with clear acrylic and pva yet ) The main trick, this way, is to use decent sawdust ( not too fine or large and loose ) and pack it tight and evenly enough at all times. If you do not or miss parts there are dents.

  12. Peterwoodarts

    Good question, also had this asked in past & on one of my other fish films other day. If the gills are closed it does not matter removing them, not seen anyway? I have used borax and a touch of formaldehyde after I have left them showing, BUT they do shrink, distort a bit in drying out. Need painting. To model new ones is tricky, but possible. Hope this helps?

  13. marc dewalt

    love the videos, i have attempyed two trout so far, and well, not horrible ,lol, but, why do mine look like smoked fish ? for instance the skin on the head shrinks, it doesn't stay smooth and round kind of sinks in in spots, what the heck am i doing wrong?

  14. marc dewalt

    do you ever use the original gills?

  15. Peterwoodarts

    Thanks – Do look at my ones on the trout also please, as they / that method may be easier for you using foam to make a body?

  16. lobo bueno

    Thanks for the video Peter very useful

    just started mounting a gar fish right now

  17. Peterwoodarts

    Thanks – but do, also, watch the mounting of the rainbow and also brown trout films I have made please as they use easier methods?

  18. oscarogoogo

    Thank you so much Peter!, i will watch that video you said and ill try it!. Congrats and youre a great taxidermyst, and you have a friend in Mexico now!

  19. Peterwoodarts

    Your English is fine my friend! I cannot speak anything else but some French. If you wish to do a Duck then watch the film I made here on mounting two pheasants and follow that, it will work the same. Do not put/inject the formaldahyde anywhere else but in very small areas you cannot quite reach like ankles. You should not need it all in most birds. Just use the borax inside on everything, head and all and it will work with just that.

  20. oscarogoogo

    Peter great job!! i started on taxidermy a few months ago, and your videos are amazing!… is that the same process to taxidermy a duck?, i have borax and formaldahyde 37%, but i put formaldahyde on all the duck's skin and then it just loses its form… you use only to preserve the skin?, should i use the formaldahyde only to preserve muscles?…A lot of questions and a very bad english, im shure you can help me. thank you and keep making videos!

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