FISH TAXIDERMY – BASS – Skinning, Fleshing, Measurements – Video 1 of 5

How to TAXIDERMY BASS Fish – Video 1 of 5. SKIN, FLESH & Accurate MEASUREMENTS for Forms. Step by Step, Easy to Follow Details. SUPPLIES USED IN VIDEO:
Tips, Q & A Forums, List of Supplies I Use and More Videos at My Website: “Everything Wild Taxidermy, Flintknapping, DIY Life”

19 Responses to FISH TAXIDERMY – BASS – Skinning, Fleshing, Measurements – Video 1 of 5

  1. Hunting Right Outdoors

    Learned everything I needed to know from watching your videos thank you! Here is my perch I tried for myself turned out better than I thought!

  2. hanoe bass

    wow awesome ! looks good ::)

  3. Jessica Campbell

    this is so interesting! I've always wondered how this was done. very neat

  4. David Moore

    Does Toby ever get any fish to eat? He seems attracted to that thing…XD

  5. Outlaw Rocky

    Mr. Smith, As usual Sir another perfect instructional video of perfection. I seriously and honestly wish I had you as my instructor for the Taxidermy School I went to. You should seriously think about opening a little school for Taxidermy. Your patience and thoroughness of every aspect of any animal you have done videos on, is truly phenomenal and you have a huge perfection in the art of Taxidermy. I truly truly enjoy your videos! Thank you yet again, for another perfect video!

  6. Punkin Six

    XD the cat in the start of the vids just like "gimme some of that fish"

  7. Robert Shaw

    Rick – I wanted to thank you for inspiring me.  I came across your video series, I was fascinated, I watched them all multiple times.  You gave me the courage to try to do my own fish – I've never done any taxidermy, but I took a shot with a 30" walleye I caught.  I'm very pleased with how it came out.  There are plenty of flaws – I was heavy on the paint in places (despite your warnings), I could have done better with some of the apoxie-sculpt work, and many more.   But it was a fun and very rewarding experience.  Like you said in the video, "taxidermy can be a chore if you let it be a chore.  You have to enjoy what you're doing."  I'm sure, when I do more fish in the future, I'll use my "lessons learned" and make them a little better than this one.  Thanks again.  Here's a picture of my walleye:


  8. Austin Siemens

    Thanks for the videos, they are very informative. Can methyl hydrate be used for the 50/50 preservative mix instead of denatured alcohol? You cannot buy denatured alcohol in Canada

  9. Aprilia Croft

    I was wondering if I could get your email? I'm in the middle of fleshing a walleye (since I couldn't catch a bass to save my life) and I have quite a few questions to ask ya. If you could help me out, I would be very appreciative! Thanks!

  10. K S

    Toby doesn't want daddy… Toby wants that fish lol

  11. Cody Knott

    So I just purchased a gravity feed air brush with compressor waiting for it to show up. just wondering since i have not painted anything yet and air brushing is a whole new world to me. Could a guy order a form like a crappie,  bass, and walleye form to practice on so that way if i mess up i could just paint it all out and start over with painting instead of getting a new form when you want to start over painting?

  12. Cody Knott

    haha okay what is your email?

  13. Cody Knott

    Hi rick, don't really want to bother you but, did you ever get a chance to put on a how to video for crappies?

  14. Cody Knott

    Rick, could you possibly do a how to video on how to mount crappies please? This video is very helpfull and would like to learn how to mount a few crappies for myself and as a little hobby.

  15. curlew ben

    Rick, thanks for the quick reply. ive done about 35 birds and quite pleased how they are turning out, wing placement took some working out, and im learning all the time, your videos were a great help, cant find your email address as id send you some pics of the birds ive done for you to look at for your comments and any advice how to improve them, cheers.

  16. curlew ben

    Richard, after now doing some bird taxidermy im now going to have a go at a fish, ive been given a carp and a rudd, ive found your videos very helpfull and now confident to give a fish a go, thanks for taking the time to upload all these videos, cheers.

  17. marcusarilus187

    As for the egg part. I eat perch eggs. They are very tasty. Some fish eggs are poisonous though so look into it before you try it…Like Pike you shouldn't eat them.

  18. its litt

    Can you taxidermy a starfish?

  19. Jason Dick

    Hi Richard, how long can the skin stay in the 50/50 mixture? Thank for your time and videos.

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